5 Surprising Ways To Make Your Dog Happy

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Here are some tips on making your dog a little extra happy today.

1. Buy him a baby pool

Dogs love to swim, so why not give him a special kiddie pool that’s all his own? Put some water-friendly dog toys in there so he knows that’s a special place he can go to cool off whenever he wants.

2. Have a dance party

There’s a reason the Canine Freestyle Federation is such a big deal, dogs love to dance! It really shows the bond between a pup and her handler or, in this case, owner. So whenever you want to have a special bonding moment with your pooch, throw on some tunes and jam out. If you have two left feet, she also loves if you sing her a song.

3. Let her destroy her toys

I know what you’re thinking, I just paid for that! Well, it’s actually in your best interest to let your dog wrangle her toys around, even to the point of no return. Dogs need to exercise their animal instincts and destroying toys helps them stay sharp. It may also be a hint that it’s time to switch up the toys a bit.

4. Brush his teeth

I know he won’t like that now, but his healthy teeth and gums 10 years down the line will.

5. Make treasure hunts

If you know you’re going to be gone for several hours, why not make a fun treasure hunt for your pet? Hide several of her favorite treats around the house and see how many she finds before you get home. Then try it again in a week, putting the treats in other places. It’ll encourage her to explore and stay active while you’re away.


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